Tuesday, August 7, 2007

SQL Compact 3.5 - Manage relationships

Now foreign key relationships can be managed via the UI in Server Explorer, as two new pages have been added to the Table Properties dialog:

This is the "classic" dialog from SQL CE 3.1
(click to enlarge)

Notice the two new pages, a "Add Relations" page.

And a "Manage Relations" page.

This is a nice addition to the SQL Compact Management UI - and is a missing piece requested by many users.


mdw_cubed said...


I have VS2005 installed with SQL Compact 3.5. I cannot find any 3.5 Tools for VS2005 to get the add/manage relationships option.

If possible you point me in the correct direction of a download I require?



ErikEJ said...

This new feature is only available with Visual Studio 2008 and SQ Server 2008 Management Studio (Express)

mdw_cubed said...

Thanks Erik.

Will look into using SQL Server 2008 (Express) with VS2008 to follow.