Tuesday, August 7, 2007

SQL Compact 3.5 - Manage relationships

Now foreign key relationships can be managed via the UI in Server Explorer, as two new pages have been added to the Table Properties dialog:

This is the "classic" dialog from SQL CE 3.1
(click to enlarge)

Notice the two new pages, a "Add Relations" page.

And a "Manage Relations" page.

This is a nice addition to the SQL Compact Management UI - and is a missing piece requested by many users.


Unknown said...


I have VS2005 installed with SQL Compact 3.5. I cannot find any 3.5 Tools for VS2005 to get the add/manage relationships option.

If possible you point me in the correct direction of a download I require?



ErikEJ said...

This new feature is only available with Visual Studio 2008 and SQ Server 2008 Management Studio (Express)

Unknown said...

Thanks Erik.

Will look into using SQL Server 2008 (Express) with VS2008 to follow.