Sunday, November 25, 2007

SQL Compact 3.5 query analyzer

The query analyzer and the other SQL Compact tools (also included in the Visual Studio 2008 Server Explorer) that are included with SQL Server Management Studio are now available for SQL Compact 3.5 with the latest SQL Server 2008 CTP. It does not appear that Intellisense is available for SQL Compact, but this is only a CTP, of course. 

The readme file for the SQL Server November CTP contains this information relating to Merge replication and SQL Compact 3.5:

"4.1.14 Replicating Columns That Contain the New Data Types to SQL Server Compact Is Not Supported

You cannot currently replicate to SQL Server Compact any columns that contain the new data types in SQL Server 2008. The new data types are as follows:

  • date
  • datetime2
  • datetimeoffset
  • FILESTREAM attribute
  • geography and geometry
  • hierarchyid
  • time

Replication will fail even if you use article schema options or the publication compatibility level to specify that these data types should be mapped to data types that are supported by SQL Server Compact. You can replicate tables that contain columns with the new data types by filtering out these columns. For more information about filtering, see SQL Server Books Online."

Let us hope that some of these new data types (in particular the date/time types) will be supported in an upcoming version of SQL Compact.

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