Saturday, February 28, 2009

SQL Compact 3.5 SP1 – 2 new hotfixes released

The SQL Compact team has made 2 hotfixes for SQL Compact 3.5 SP1 x86 available. The 2 hotfixes fixes bugs first reported on the MSDN Forum, namely this and this thread.

The first fix, which updates SQL Compact to version 3.5.5692.1) is for an error with the SQL Compact Entity Framework support, resulting in the following error message: The ntext and image data types cannot be used in WHERE, HAVING, GROUP BY, ON, or IN clauses, except when these data types are used with the LIKE or IS NULL predicates.

The second fix (which I assume also includes the first fix, as it updates the SQL Compact version to 3.5.5692.2), fixes a problem with database files on read-only media: Internal Error using read only database file.

You can see a complete list of all SQL Compact 3.5 related KB articles here.


Unknown said...

Hi Eric - just a quick note - your links to 'First' and 'Second' fixes are actually the same link.
Cheers and thanks for the info - I had no idea these were out.

ErikEJ said...

You are welcome - subscribe to keep up to date on everything SQL Compact! I have updated the broken link, thanks for pointing it out.