Thursday, March 12, 2009

SqlCeCmd command line query tool now available

The beta release of SqlCeCmd is now available at CodePlex. Read more about the features here.


james said...


I saw a post of yours on MSDN forum. You seems to know everything about CE database. So I clicked on the url in your profile and came to this blog.

I am currently having a problem with using ADODB with a CE database. May I ask you a question regarding to that?

Thank you

ErikEJ said...

Thank you for your confidence in me, James. I suggest you post your question in this MSDN Forum:

james said...

I have been searching this since last week. I originally posted in the VB section of msdn forum since I was using VB 2008.

However, so far on one really answered my question; and the last person referred me to a question which you gave answer to

here is the url to my thread

basically it's an error called "Multiple-steps operations generates error" message.

All my code are in that thread.

Please have a look if you are free by any chance.

thank you very much m(__ __)m

ErikEJ said...

I have posted a reply on your forum thread.

james said...

Hello Erik,

Thank you for your reply on msdn forum, and sorry for messaging you again.

After trying to make a insert statement, there are still some errors.

I included the part of new code which error occured in the same thread.

Thank you so much for your help again.

Good day

james said...

Hello Erik,

Thank you very much for your advice. Now I can insert any record into a local data base as I will.

However, I have one last problem. (sorry for bothering you again). After writing my code if I Debug my code, they updates as normal; but when I click on Build and then Publish and run the new program created. It don't do what they do when I just Debug them.
As in they update well if I just debug, but if publish, then they won't update.

I was wondering if you know it.

Thank you so much for your help

good day

ErikEJ said...

Hi James, suggest you psot your question here: and maybe leave more details about any error messages and other relevant information.

james said...

Thank you very much for replying. I made a post there with full details of what happened.

here is the url to it

Thank you again

james said...

Hello Erik,

I tied to use |DataDirectory| following the example in the other post. It didn't work, I think it was because I didn't know how to set it up correctly.

I got some examples from google as well as searching for MSDN library. Neither worked.

I put full details in my last post.

Could you kindly have a look what is the problem I'm having with it at the moment please.

Thank you very much, and sorry for messaging you so many times.