Thursday, June 4, 2009

New features in Sync Framework

A 90 minute webcast detailing the new features in the next version of the Microsoft Sync Framework (version 2) is now available for offline viewing and PPT download. The new version with the features presented here will RTM in 2nd half of 2009 (and a CTP will come very soon – June (?)).

Notable new features (relating to SQL Compact) include:

P2P Sync with SQL Compact 23:00– both on desktop and devices – provides ability to Sync 2 SQL Compact databases with each other! Can’t wait to try that out!

Snapshot Initialization 39:40 pre generate the SQL Compact file on the server and then download to the client, and only incremental changes need to be downloaded afterwards. Limits time to get initial data down, and decrease server load. Initially all data is downloaded to the web service in a “source” SQL Compact file, and based on this a special snapshot SQL Compact file is created. The client know that this is a snapshot, and will only download incremental changes after getting the snapshot.

Opt out of ADO.NET DataSets – mapping to a developer defined payload. (Not in version 2)

Using SqlCeResultSet for client side inserts – to improve performance.

UPDATE: CTP2 is now available for download.

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The CTP2 is now available here: