Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sync SQL Compact with SQL Azure and Oracle

There have been a number of new releases from the Sync Framework team to assist is developing off-line applications using Sync Framework and SQL Compact:

Microsoft Sync Framework Power Pack for SQL Azure November CTP (32-bit)

That’s a long name – what it covers in relateion to SQL Compact is the following:

SqlAzureSyncProvider – Sync Framework 2.0 provider that support SQL Azure

Sql Azure Offline Visual Studio plug-in – allows you to take a SQL Azure database offline – similar to Local Data Cache already in Visual Studio.

You can download the tool from here. Please note that Sync Framework 2.0 is also required.

The Sync Framework team has blogged about the tool here, and in addition, Mahjayar from the team has blogged about going the other way sync direction wise  (from SQL Compact to Azure)

Database Sync – SQL Compact and Oracle (!!)

A sample demonstrating how to synchronize data between SQL Compact and an Oracle database has been released. The times they are a-changing!

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