Monday, July 5, 2010

SQL Compact Toolbox – manage Merge Replication subscriptions

In the new release 1.1 of my SQL Compact Toolbox  CodePlex project, it is now possible to manage/test Merge Replication subscriptions in your SQL Compact database file.


There is a new “Subscriptions” node. From the nodes context menu, select “New Subscription…”


Enter the required parameters, and press Sync. You will then get the tables from the publication in your SQL Compact file.


Manage Subscription will load all current parameters (except password), and you can Sync again, or create a C# code sample.

In addition, you can drop the subscription. This will remove any subscription metadata from your SQL Compact database file.

Hope you find this useful, any comments please post here.


tikkay said...

Hi Erik

am trying to use merge replication between a mobile device running Windows M 6.1 (SQL CE 3.5 ) and SQL Server 2008

I have my IIS Server (running IIS 6.0) on a separate machine and SQL Server 2008 on a seperation machine

My snapshots are created on the shared folder at ISS machine

The Web synchronisation runs successfully - configured to use SSL

am behind a firewall and the database listens on a separate port other than 1433

I get the following error on running the sqlcesa35.dll from the Device IE

2011/04/30 17:48:40 Hr=80070585 ERR:Failure reading Transport version header 0
2011/04/30 17:48:40 Hr=80070585 ERR:REQUEST NOT QUEUED for ulRSCBId = -1

Can you help - this is urgent - have wasted last 3 days on this specific issue and unfortunately the help on the net provides multiple things to resolve but not a specific solutions.

Thanks in advance


ErikEJ said...

Tikkay: Firewall or certificate issue - try with a simpler setup, and add on ething at a time

tikkay said...

I can browse a page (html) on the website - shouldn't that state that the certificate is correct ?

I tried to options
1) Using 3G on the device i get the above error

2) Using Active Sync if i try to run the sqlcesa35.dll i get the same error but if i run the subscriber i get the following error

2011/05/02 11:03:16 Thread=FF0 RSCB=1 Command=OPWC Hr=00000000 Total Compressed bytes in = 149
2011/05/02 11:03:16 Thread=FF0 RSCB=1 Command=OPWC Hr=00000000 Total Uncompressed bytes in = 247
2011/05/02 11:03:16 Thread=FF0 RSCB=1 Command=OPWC Hr=00000000 Responding to OpenWrite, total bytes = 149
2011/05/02 11:03:16 Thread=FF0 RSCB=1 Command=OPWC Hr=00000000 D:\Web\Staging\Mobility-UAT\MobilityUATData\Data\35.60D634C4B223_1D7611B3-1659-4854-8DAE-6AF792DA087E 0
2011/05/02 11:03:16 Thread=6E8 RSCB=1 Command=SYNC Hr=00000000 Synchronize prepped 0
2011/05/02 11:03:33 Hr=80004005 ERR:OpenDB failed getting pub version 28627

Another thing that i would like to know is if the setup i am using is correct i.e. the SQL Server machine creating the snapshots on the IIS Server in a shared folder and the device connecting to the IIS and then i
mplementing a synchronise with the SQL Server

ErikEJ said...

Tikkay: Please contact me offline, and I will make ýou a consultancy offer.

ErikEJ said...

Tikkay: You can contact me via my blog profile