Saturday, October 30, 2010

New release of ExportSqlCe SSMS add-in and command line utilities–Script to SQL Azure

The new release (version 3.5) of my scripting utilities for SQL Server Compact includes a couple of bug fixes and a single new feature: Script Schema and Data for SQL Azure.


This new feature allows you to migrate your SQL Server Compact solution to a SQL Azure database. The SQL Azure compatible script includes the following changes compared to the standard, SQL Server Compact and SQL Server compatible script:

- Primary keys are scripted before any INSERTs, as a clustered index is required on all SQL Azure tables.

- INSERTs are batched (1000 per GO), to improve performance when running the script against a SQL Azure database.

- ROWGUIDCOL property is not supported, so it is not included.

The SQL Azure script is also SQL Server Compatible, but not SQL Server Compact compatible.The matrix below illustrates your options:

Script option SQL Server and SQL Server Compact SQL Azure and SQL Server
Schema and Data



Schema and Data for SQL Azure



Schema and Data with BLOB files

X (Compact)
(requires SqlCeCmd)


Schema only



Happy scripting!

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