Sunday, August 7, 2011

SQL Server Compact Toolbox 2.3–Visual Guide of new features

After more than 44.000 downloads, version 2.3 of my SQL Server Compact Toolbox extension for Visual Studio 2010 is now available for download. This blog post is a visual guide to the new features included in this release

Generate database documentation

This feature allows you to create documentation of all tables and columns in your database, in HTML or XML (raw) format, for use with product documentation etc. If you have added descriptions to database, table or column, these will also be included.

From the database context menu, select Create Database Documentation…


You will be prompted for a filename and can choose between HTML and XML format. The generated document will then open in the associated application (for example your browser).


The format of the HTML and XML file comes from the excellent DB>doc for Microsoft SQL Server CodePlex project. You can use the XML file as the data in your own documentation format.

By default, tables beginning with __ are not included in the documentation (this includes the table with object descriptions). They can optionally be included via a new option:


Please provide any feedback for this new feature to the CodePlex issue tracker

Handle password protected files better

When trying to open a password protected file, where the password is not saved with the connection string, you are now prompted to enter the database password, instead of being faced with an error.


Show result count in status bar

The query editor status bar now displays the number of rows returned.


Other fixes

Improvements to Windows Phone DataContext generation, improved error handling to prevent Visual Studio crashes, and the latest scripting libraries included.


Christian Resma Helle said...

This is really cool Erik! Thanks!

I always needed something similar and almost started a similar project myself in the past

ErikEJ said...

Thanks Christian (assume you are referring to Documentation feature). Let me know how I can improve on this initial release.

Tomsch said...

Great tool, but expanding the tables I get a error (80004005) that the saved password would not match. No password dialog is showing up. v2.3.0.2

ErikEJ said...

Tomsch: Is it a 3.5 database? Can you open it from Server Explorer?

Tomsch said...

Yes and yes.

ErikEJ said...

Tomsch: Is the error message in another language than English - I think currently this does not work - could you share the full error message?

Tomsch said...

Yes, the error message is in German, but VS is running in English.

Error Code: 80004005
Message : Das angegebene Kennwort stimm nicht mit dem Datenbankkennwort überein. [ Data Source = E:\Dev\casDatabase.sdf ]
Minor Err.: 25028
Source : SQL Server Compact ADO.NET Data Provider
Err. Par. : E:\Dev\casDatabase.sdf

ErikEJ said...

Tomsch: Thanks for the info. This will be fixed in next release