Friday, June 27, 2008

News from blog land

A collection of new blog entries relatied to SQL Compact:

Tim Anderson is faced with the classical problem of not knowing where the database and the data resides when using the graphical designers.

On the SQL Compact Blog, there is information about the causes of database file corruption. Most issuse appear to be related to SD Card issues.

Also on the SQL Compact Blog, there is documentetion about Merge Replication support for the new datatypes in SQL Server 2008 (data and spatial types).

Laxmi from the product team blogs about details of the 3.5 SP1 features, in particular Case Sensitivity and 64 bit support.

Finally, the Sync Framework team has published advance documentation on implementing 2-way Sync by extending the VS 2008 SP1 Sync Designer generated code.

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