Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crystal Reports with SQL Compact

I stumbled across this post by Jason Irwin, that describes how to solve the mystery of connecting Crystal Reports to data from a SQL Compact file – by elegantly using a dataset as the “middleman” or common language, if you like.


Unknown said...

Link died!!!

Please repost


ErikEJ said...

Seems OK to me ?!

Unknown said...

The link has indeed died.
I tried at different time intervals just in case to take care of the internet-service-provider's hiccups.

IF possible, please do a repost of "Jason Iriwn's" content on a well known SQL-CE forum (msdn may be)

That was just a suggestion as many people like me seem to be stuck into this trap of SQL CE Vs Crystal Reports.

ErikEJ said...

The link works fine for me!? An alternative approach is described here:

Agasaravanan said...

You are just convert dataset to xml file and save one particular location then you can easily do the crystal reports using sql server compact edition

Jason Irwin said...

The link has indeed died, as I changed the domain some time ago. Here is an updated link.

I'm glad you found the information worthwhile.