Thursday, April 14, 2011

SQL Server Compact will be available for developers in upcoming Windows Phone “Mango” update

Just a quick note the let you know, that SQL Server Compact will be exposed to Windows Phone developers as announced at the MIX11 conference. It is already on the device, as I blogged about earlier. The Windows Phone Developer blog has an overview of what is included for developers in the update, expected to be available this year. The developer tools update will appear next month, and I will blog more details about the API and other findings. The database will not be exposed via ADO.NET, as System.Data is not available in Silverlight, but the database will be accessible via LINQ. More details to follow when the API is published, and I have had a play with the developer tools. This MIX11 presentation demonstrates some of the details of working with SQL Server Compact on Windows Phone via Linq and DataContext only.

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