Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New release of Scripting Library and command line utilities–with Schema Diff and DGML from command line

The latest release of my ExportSqlCe SQL Server Compact scripting library and related command line utilities is now available on CodePlex.

This latest version of the command line utilities adds the capability to generate Schema Diff and DGML database graph files.

The schema diff option allows you to compare a SQL Server Compact database file with another SQL Server Compact database file or even a SQL Server database, and creates a script with the required ALTER TABLE etc. statements to synchronize the 2 database schemas.

The DGML option allows you to create a graphical view of the database tables and fields, the resulting .dgml file requires Visual Studio 2010 Premium or higher to be viewed. I blogged about DGML files earlier:



The latest documentation for the command line utilities is available here.

And both these file types can of course be generated from your own application, using the scripting library. I have some code samples available here.

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