Thursday, September 1, 2011

SqlCeBulkCopy, a library for fast SQL Server Compact INSERTS released

Version 2.1 of my SQL Server Compact Bulk Insert Library has now been released. This library exposes an API similar to the SqlBulkCopy API implemented for the SqlClient (working against SQL Server). The library allows you to quickly load data inot a SQL Server Compact database.


New features in this release include:

3 editions of the library:
One for .NET Compact Framework for version 3.5 databases - ErikEJ.SqlCe.NetCF.dll
One for full .NET Framework for version 3.5 databases - ErikEJ.SqlCe.dll
One for full .NET Framework for version 4.0 databases - ErikEJ.SqlCe40.dll

- New overloads of the WriteToServer method allows you to load any .NET list that implements IEnumerable or IEnumerable<T>

- API Documentation is now available in HTML format here. The API documentation was created very easily using the open source ImmDoc.NET utility. All this command line utility requires is XML comments file and the DLL file(s).


- NuGet package available

A NuGet package, that includes the SQL Server Compact 4.0 library is now available via the NuGet Package Manager.


If you need to load data fast from a DataTable, DataReader or .NET List to a SQL Server Compact database file, this is the library for you.


limin said...

is support EF4?

ErikEJ said...

It is pure ADO.NET, not related to EF4, works with any database file.

UnsRuns said...

I develop a mobile ce application .net compact does this dll works for me in VS 2008 sqlce 3.5 .net compact framework 3.5

ErikEJ said...

Yes, the zip file on CodePlex contains ErikEJ.SqlCe.NetCF.dll for .NET CF 3.5 and SQL CE 3.5

Gaurav said...

i downloaded the file now what to do to add it to my sytem

ErikEJ said...

Gaurav: Pls post an issue on CodePlex with detailed info

Unknown said...

Hi Erik,

Do sqlceBulkCopy works on

ErikEJ said...

Goffrey; Of course... It is just a NuGet library / DLL